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API Integration

Our cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) seamlessly connects to your shopping cart, marketplace or e-commerce platform to automatically download orders, sync inventory, and upload shipment tracking information.

Integration with over 60 online shopping carts, marketplaces and ERP’s!! Our onboarding specialist walk you through the entire integration process to ensure a seamless connection to our WMS and a smooth launch.  Santa Fe will test the integration, including order import, tracking number update and shipping confirmation email.

Our technology utilizes an open REST API, which means we can integrate into any cart or omni-channel software your company uses allowing orders to flow automatically.  Our staff picks, packs and ships them, so there is no need to email labels (this lowers the chance of errors and reduces the labor on your part).

In today’s challenging eCommerce world, it is essential to have access to robust open source API technology to synchronize inventory across multiple sales channels.

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